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I am a Jesus Feminist Because of my Dad

My dad was a feminist before I was. I don’t think he’d have used the term then, and I don’t know that he’d use it now. It has different connotations for many people of his generation than it does for … Continue reading

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Books That Have Changed My Life (Link-Up)

I found this link-up on The Cardigan Way while browsing through the submissions for this month’s What I’m Into link-up over at HopefulLeigh (which I participated in over on my other blog).   Anyway, I love the idea, so I … Continue reading

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Dear Christian with a Sign

Dear Christian with a sign,   Remember that sign?  You know, the one you brought to the rally for traditional marriage last week?  The one that read “Homosexuals will not inherit the kingdom of heaven .  1 Corinthians 6:9-10”?   … Continue reading

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Why we need to start teaching boys to respect girls as early as possible

This is a link to a Statscan study on sexual assault in Canada.  You’re free to read the whole study, but I want to zero in on one disturbing finding which was just brought to my attention.  If you look on … Continue reading

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What does it mean to wait for a husband? Or anything really?

Sometimes it feels like we evangelicals are taught to spend a lot of time waiting.  We wait for a husband or wife, for children, for the next stage in our lives.  And there is definitely a biblical component to the … Continue reading

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What on earth does a woman’s appearance have to do with her opinions on politics, or anything else?

Earlier today, I came across this video.  In it, a young woman details her reasons for voting for Romney.  (The first reason: “he’s hot, and we haven’t had a hot president since, like, Kennedy, and we all know how that … Continue reading

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About me (and this blog)

Hi my name is Christina.  This means two things.  First, it means follower of Christ, Christian.  Second, at risk of stating the obvious, it means that I’m a woman.  Both these things are important to my identity.  This blog is … Continue reading

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